Water, Sewage & Effluent May-June 2017 - Page 15

A s a matter of community safety, the cause of the spillages had to be addressed urgently. The solution came in the form of Marley who manufactured and supplied approximately 700m of Weholite structured wall pipe. Weholite structured wall HDPE pipe provides all the technical advantages of equivalent polyethylene solid-wall pipes, but with substantial savings in weight, thus combining greater ease of installation with increased cost effectiveness — making it the preferred option over traditional materials such as concrete. These properties made Weholite the ideal choice for the project, especially considering the challenges that were faced in terms of the construction sequence and the bends that needed to be accounted for in the relining sections. Despite floods as well as violent strikes that took place in the area and which delayed work, the project was completed successfully. u Sewage water scares have been a growing concern in the Bloemhof area in the North West Province owing to the insufficient sewer line, which resulted in constant failures and leading to raw sewage spilling out into the Bloemhof Vaal River and contaminating water supplies. Case study to upgrade open trench sewer line and relining sections