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“ Let us stand together , and through focused and strategic efforts do the right things to ensure sustainable water supply into the future . Every challenge presents opportunities . And by saying that we have a challenge : it is imperative that we [ the private sector ] work with government to achieve the goal of a water secure future for South Africa . All of this provides a way to help develop business opportunities — including small business development — and helps create employment ,” he says .
Extensive experience
Badenhorst has extensive experience as design engineer , project manager , specialist advisor , and design reviewer , and is an approved professional engineer ( a South African Water Act requirement ) in dam engineering .
He also has experience in design , quality assurance of reservoirs , canals , pumping stations and pipelines , as well as lining and capping work regarding waste landfill sites .
“ Throughout my 40-year career , I have been directly involved in planning , design , feasibility studies , quality assurance during construction , safety inspections and safety studies of earthfill , rockfill and concrete dams .
“ My extensive experience covers the entire scope ranging from feasibility studies , geotechnical investigations , water yield
Badenhorst is the project manager for the design , procurement of contractor , and construction supervision of the repair works for the CFR Mohale Dam . analyses , planning , identification of dam sites , tender design and detailed design , to specifications and contract documentation as well as quality assurance and training .
“ I have about 30 years of applicable dam engineering experience and was involved in tasks related to more than 100 medium and large dams . In 1986 / 7 , I held the position of deputy chief engineer in the Dam Safety Office . In line with creating awareness for civil engineering in South Africa , I have represented the country at the annual meetings of the International Congress of Large Dams for several years . I have also been the chairperson of the South African National Committee of Large Dams for the past seven years ,” he says .
Badenhorst is currently the study leader for the engineering investigations of the bilateral Noordoewer / Vioolsdrift Dam feasibility study . On this project , he trains clients and subconsultant staff on various aspects of dam-design considerations at the feasibility level .
He is also involved in the Itare Dam Water Supply Project in Kenya for the design of the dam and the water treatment plant , and also in the Mooi Mgeni Transfer Scheme for the Spring Grove Dam and Appurtenant Works . Other major projects that Badenhorst is engaged in are : the Umkhomazi Water Supply Project , together with the rehabilitation of 20 large dams for the Department of Water and Sanitation ; and in Kenya , he is the project manager and dam design engineer for the 100m-high Earth Core Rockfill ECR Arror Dam that has a 6m diversion tunnel and 1km-long , 4m diameter conveyance tunnel with tunnel plug to pipeline .
Badenhorst is also the project manager for the design , procurement of contractor , and construction supervision of the repair works for the 145m-high CFR Mohale Dam , as part of the Mohale Consultants Group .
“ For my role in managing repair works at the Mohale Dam during Phase 1B of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project , together with my role as the design engineer for the dam , I received the BKS prize for Innovative Engineering for the design of a river diversion mechanism using a breaching section for the coffer dam ,” he states . u
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