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Badenhorst is currently involved in the Mooi Mgeni Transfer Scheme project for the Spring Grove Dam and Appurtenant Works .
“ We need to develop and produce highlyskilled individuals to ensure that our dams are properly maintained and rehabilitated into the future . Like many other sectors , the water sector in South Africa needs to become a hub for Africa , where we can use and share our skills and talent with the rest of Africa ’ s developing nations ,” Badenhorst adds .
He says that the population in Africa is expected to double by 2030 and with growing urbanisation , there will be a significant need for water infrastructure . “ South Africa urgently needs to cultivate a pool of talented individuals that can help build a better tomorrow for Africa by developing infrastructure that is sustainable , technologically advanced , and flexible ,” he adds .
Commenting on whether enough is being done by government and the private sector to address water-related challenges in South Africa , Badenhorst points out that government has really scaled up its water conservation and demand management programmes .
“ The minister of Water Affairs said this would continue ‘ until such programmes become the norm , with water-wise behaviour being the predominant characteristics of all individuals and corporates in South Africa ’.
“ The private sector must continue to partner with the government to develop solutions and technologies , and bring forward investments to help build and grow the water sector and address its challenges .”
He advocates a healthy and open relationship between government , the private
All photographs by Danie Badenhorst
AECOM dams and hydropower lead Danie Badenhorst ’ s career spans four decades , during which he has worked on more than 120 dam projects in Africa .
sector , and other key stakeholders in South Africa to provide for an advanced and smart water management approach to take the country forward into a more positive , water secure future .
Badenhorst notes that South Africa also needs to harvest domestic rain water ( water for livestock , water for irrigation ); find solutions to integrate groundwater and surface water use in the future ; focus on technology development for desalination at a large scale ; drive research and development in the water sector ; urgently revitalise the restoration and repair of water services ; optimise water treatment and wastewater treatment works ; and develop a pool of highly skilled engineers and other key technical trades required for strengthening and taking forward the country ’ s water sector . networking tech news environment industry infrastructure municipalities
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