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KSB unveils variable speed system for wastewater
Integrated Pump Technology
The double-stage Grindex Maxi SH enables customers to better size a pump solution for a specific application .
Grindex Maxi SH reaches new heights in dewatering
KSB Pumps and Valves recently introduced the PumpDrive variable speed system for effective and controlled pumping of wastewater . The variable speed system has been specifically designed to overcome problems experienced when pumping wastewater .
Three functions have been incorporated into the system to allow the most effective operation of pumps in the field . These include establishing a complete water column almost immediately during start-up . This is done through a system that allows the pump to be taken to maximum speed within four seconds and maintained for three minutes , so that an appropriate flow passes through all piping elements before the system starts its controlled , demand-driven operation . This ensures that the discharge line and pump casing are completely primed with the fluid to be handled .
Another feature of the variable speed system is the so-called flushing function . Operators can activate this automatically or manually using a control panel . The PID controller increases the speed up to a maximum value , which triggers the required flushing effect . The current control task is temporarily put on hold for this process .
Flow velocity monitoring is another new feature that is designed to improve operating reliability of pumps in the field . It ensures that the minimum flow velocities specified at the time of selection are met to keep the pipes free from deposits .
If the flow velocity falls below the programmed minimum , PumpDrive can either transmit a fault message to the control station , or start the flushing function to remove any deposits from the piping . u
Integrated Pump Technology has launched the double-stage Grindex Maxi SH , which enables customers to better size a pump solution for a specific application .
Colin Adams , managing director of Integrated Pump Technology , says that importantly this also allows a far more cost effective solution to be achieved .
The Grindex Maxi SH pump , available with a 37kW ( 50Hz ) motor and equipped with two wear resistant impellers as well as a double diffuser , is ideal for high head dewatering applications , which call for high discharge pressures . The pump is robustly constructed and offers users optimum performance coupled with reliability . The proven impeller hydraulic technology enables a discharge head of up to 140m .
Adams says that by adding a mere 30kg to the already lightweight Grindex Maxi H platform , Grindex engineers were able to produce a pump with an overall weight of only 270kg , which is capable of reaching these high heads without comprising on any of the other characteristics of the wellknown Grindex brand .
The Grindex Maxi SH pumps incorporate the Grindex impeller adjustment sleeve , a familiar sight on the Grindex Matador range . This offers users a simple way to adjust the impeller and suction cover tolerance easily to regain as-new performance after wear . u
KBS Pumps and Valves
Effective pumping of wastewater is possible with PumpDrive variable speed systems .
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