Water, Sewage & Effluent January-February 2017 - Page 27

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Government is considering generating hydropower by retrofitting existing water infrastructure .
The Palmiet Pumped Storage Scheme , in the Western Cape , is one of the hydropower projects currently being developed in South Africa .
Power ,” the Hydropower & Dams World Atlas 2016 states .
“ Meanwhile , NuPlanet , another private small hydro developer , has the 4.5MW Stortemelk plant under construction on the Ash River , in the Free State province . The plant is expected to begin operation later this year ( 2016 ).”
The report also notes that marine energy has been studied and that there is potential for wave power on the south and southwestern coastlines , and for ocean current instream devices along the eastern coast . u
“ The majority of hydropower projects in South Africa will be carried out on a smaller scale , due to the country ’ s available water resources .” networking tech news environment industry infrastructure municipalities
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