Watch This Space Film Magazine Issue 2 | Page 9

moments when his outbursts threaten to turn things nasty. Anderson's films often walk that fine line between comedy and violence. Richie's suicide attempt in THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS is a good example of this. THE LIFE AQUATIC's story is actually kicked off by a moment of violence, as blood bubbles to the surface following Zissou's research partner Esteban being eaten by a rare shark. "Was he swallowed whole?" "NO! CHEWED!" But violence is peppered throughout the picture (an intern gets macheted, many a pirate gets shot and one character's fate is subtley suggested by the blood red water lapping at the lense. All respect is due to the production design team, as well as Anderson's cinematographer Robert Yeoman, for keeping the film's style colourfully light. Creating a juxtaposed tone between concept and character, the film is bold, bu