Watch This Space Film Magazine Issue 2 | Page 5

George Cisneros is a bi-lingual actor who lives in Los Angeles where he’s working his dreams as an actor. He’s starred in numerous Indie films where he’s portrayed dramatic roles such as an abusive lover in the film “Unimaginable” to a loving son in “Nana’s Brunch” and now he’s one of the stars in a new comedy web series “DogGone It!” where he plays Jorge Lopez where he’s the animal agent to the stars. He’s quite the versatile actor from drama to comedy. We talked a little about the latest drama he was in and the comedy web series he’s starring in as well. The film “Unimaginable” is a drama where you played Kirk and your character is very flawed and is an abusive to his lover Antonio. I know in a previous interview you said you did your homework and prepared for the role. So, how did you prepared for the role of Kirk? When I prepare for a role in any film, I always meditate on who the character is and what his role is in the film. I also read up on the subject of domestic violence as well to know more about the topic that has impacted so many in our society today whether it is in a heterosexual relationship or same sex. Also talking to a victim of domestic violence also was beneficial as well preparing for the role. that I had to think like Kirk who was not only flawed and dark because he was abusive and not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. He also was damaged as well because of his own past and the feature sheds some light on that. So, for me Kirk was definitely was one of the most challenging ones. I don’t want to say I became Kirk….but thinking like him was trying mentally and physically. Let’s talk about your latest role which is in the comedy web series “DogGone It!” that you’ll be starring in where you play Jorge. How much fun has it been to be a part of it? You know, it’s been fun so far. Preparing for the role and having some input with my character has definitely been fun for me as an actor. You know bringing to the life the character from page to screen is just one of the cool things about acting and comedy is a nice break from drama. Everyone loves comedy and of course dogs…like Giovanni. Since you’ve been involved in numerous Indie film projects and there is so much talk of lack of diversity in Hollywood and having more women involved in films do you think the Indie film route is the best way for more minorities and women to be more involved or to take charge? Yes and one example of an actress is Reese “Unimaginable” has won an award for best narrative Witherspoon who has her own production company. at SAFilm Festival in 2015 and has been nominated as In regards to lack of diversity, I think minorities can create their own companies to make films. As Best Narrative Drama by Bare Bones Film Festival which will be premiering in April at the festival. How Milton Berle once said “If opportunity doesn’t knock, does it feel to be a part of a film that is receiving so build a door.” much recognition as well as a film that is spreading What’s one of your favorite films and why? the message of the dangers of domestic violence and highlighting it from different angles from a “Saving Private Ryan” is because it’s a drama and set same sex relationship to seeing it happening in during WWII. It’s also personal and close to my heart second generation in a family? because of my own service in the Marines. I served two tours overseas and can relate. I’m extremely proud to be a part of the cast that the writer and director Cedric Smith put together, One final question, in the past you’ve shared some and it was a film that needed to be m YH