Watch This Space Film Magazine Issue 2 | Page 3

Note from editor We have some excellent content lined up for you lucky people in this issue of Watch This Space Film Magazine. We have not one but two cracking interviews with some very talented people hot on the indie film scene right now. As well as that we have some really excellent reviews on a variety of independent films. As you may have been able to guess from the front cover we have a review of the wonderfully quirky and delightfully indie film The Life Aquatic. Wes Anderson is a particular favourite of mine and his work never fails to impress. I was nervous when I heard Chris Watt wanted to review this film as this was the first Anderson film I saw and I want everyone to like it, but did Chris? Well I guess you'll have to find out... The support we have for the work we do is amazing and growing day by day. The team and I really do have a burning passion for all things indie film and we love sharing the great work that is out there with you lovely people and I hope you enjoy it too. We would be delighted if you would take a second to tell a friend about what we do here as the more people visiting our website and reading this e-magazine, the more exposure these indie films get. Thank you, Oliver Willis Founder and Editor of Watch This Space Film Magazine