Watch This Space Film Magazine Issue 2 | Page 13

Touch (2015) Review written by Dustin Chandler Intimacy is beautiful. Intimacy is deadly. When the two extremes reach a crossroads, it becomes a recipe for destruction and pain. Such is the examination of the brief, but impactful TOUCH (2015) by producer/ director Andrew Richardson. The two and a half minute short focuses primarily on a young couple (Clarice Byrne and Craig J. Simons) in bed, gracefully caressing each other post-coitus. At first, everything seems sensitively passionate, with a lot of attention drawn to the contours of rustled sheets, tangled legs, and longing stares into each other’s eyes. However, as the short continues, we are shown that intimate moments such as these are not finite; in fact, they may be distractions from a much darker level of anguish. Admittedly, this was a difficult film to watch, but thankfully it sits at an appropriately short time length. The idea is interwoven so smoothly and reaches the necessary impact by the explosive final seconds without overstaying its welcome. Any second longer and this might have been too much to swallow, but Richardson and company show the right amount of restraint. This also comes sublimely to the acting of our two leads Byrne and Simons, which manages to play both sides of the situation rather convincingly and devastatingly. On a technical level, additional praise has to be given to editor Iain Thomson and sound designer Ania Przygoda for tiptoeing us into the devastation with subtle cuts and painful sound cues. TOUCH’s brief runtime may seem like a hindrance, but it manages to work to its advantage given what the film is about: minute moments of relief that may seem long and pleasant to us, but are not definitive in the grand scheme of things and hide deeper issues underneath.