Washington Business Winter 2016 | Page 36

washington business The state’s maritime sector strategy identifies recapitalization of the North Pacific fishing fleet as a major opportunity for maritime businesses. “The average age of the fleet is more than 30 years, and as many as half of the boats currently fishing in the Bering Sea and other Alaska fisheries need to be replaced,” the report states. Estimates of the cost range up to $14 billion. Washington should be competitive for the work. “We have a healthy maritime manufacturing sector. We have the job base, the skill set. We have the land and the infrastructure,” says Eric Johnson. “We compete on quality and reliability — no one can beat us on those. But we are a high cost manufacturing area. We don’t compete that well on price with the Gulf Coast states.” Trade and maritime activity have long defined Washington. And the industry is well positioned to thrive here for decades to come. Natural advantages, however, won’t be enough. Recent disruptions may have played Washington Maritime Federation a valuable role in reminding Maritimefederation.com Washingtonians of how much is at stake. That lesson should ensure Washington State Department of Commerce Maritime Page that the industry has the public Commerce.wa.gov/Economic-Development/Industry-Sectors/Pages/Washington-State-Maritime.aspx and policy support necessary to assure that the working waterfront Economic Impact of Washington’s Maritime Cluster — and the tens of thousands of EDC-seaking.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/CAI.WA-Maritime-Cluster-Study.2013-1120.pdf good jobs it supports — remains a vital presence here. AWB CompWise Workers’ Comp Retrospective Rating Program If you care about having a safe workplace and saving your company money, this program is for you! Enroll in the AWB CompWise Program and start receiving refunds on your workers’ compensation premiums. Group refunds average more than 20 percent, with some firms ave receiving refunds as high as 35 percent due to our merit-based refund formula. For your free, no-obligation summary, please call 866-666-8818 or visit www.awb.org/workers-compensation for more details or to submit an online information request. 36 association of washington business