Walsh's Brochure - Page 2

Welcome Allow Us To Help You Make A Home. Thank you kindly for sparing some valuable moments of your time to browse through our introductory brochure. You may have just purchased your first property or after months of research perhaps you are planning to embark on the update and modernisation of your family home. Whatever your scenario, we would be delighted to help. Thanks to our 24 years of successful trading, we are experts in all flooring matters. From the traditional woven carpet to the modern trend of installing faux grass in bedrooms and gardens, we have the product knowledge and fitting experience to surpass your needs. So, whether you require a new lush carpet on the stairs, non slip vinyl flooring for the kitchen, or wish to create a football pitch effect in a bedroom, you are assued of a quality service. Complementing our extensive range of flooring products, we also provide personalised window blinds and shutters. These are tailor made and fitted by our skilled craftsmen especially to suit your specific requirements. You can find out more information about what we can offer at our online home at www.walshscarpets.com, and of course you are most welcome to pop in to our Midleton showroom or give us a call on 021 463 9000 where my professional team and I would be delighted to assist in making your home. Pat Walsh featured products : this page - classic hard wood & ulster carpet range, cover - Amtico vinyl. www.WalshsCarpets.com 3