Walking On, Volume 8, Issue 9, Nov/Dec 2021 - Page 16

KWHBIF Championship Show October 23 , 2021 • Liberty , Kentucky

The Kentucky Walking Horse Breeders Incentive Championship Show was held Saturday October 23 , 2021 in Liberty , Kentucky . The site of the show was the Central Kentucky Ag / Expo Center in Liberty . The site is a very adequate horse facility . What it lacks in aesthetic quality it more than makes up for in ample equine capabilities .
There are over 500 stalls , complete with wash areas and cross tie areas . The barns are close to the huge indoor arena as well as being close to the outdoor show ring that is complete with a darling gazebo . The show office is located between the two show rings for easy access . There is a building that houses bathrooms complete with showers close to the concession building . Along with all these amenities there is believe me , AMPLE parking space for those that choose to work out of their trailers located right next door to the indoor arena . The only drawback that I could see is that the parking for RVs and other camping vechicles is a bit of a hike from the barns , however you will be nice and quiet at night . Miles of paved walking trails give you a chance to exercise or walk your dog without interfering with horse activities . All in all , the Central KY
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AG / EXPO is a great facility in which to hold a horse show .
WHOA was the host for the Kentucky Breeders Incentive Championship Show in 2021 . WHOA and the Bluegrass Pleasure walking Horse Association share this honor and next year the Blue Grass will be the host . This show is very different from other shows I have helped with . First ; a horse may show in only one class per this show ( so you better pick the correct class in order to receive the big money ---meaning the class you think you will place the best in ) second ; 1 thru 5 placings receive the same money in each and every class no matter how many entries are in a particular class !: third ; each horse that enters ( whether they place or not ) receives double points for the KEEPS Program ! These differences just blew my mind !
The show started at 4:30 Eastern time and proceeded without a hitch AND with NO COMPLAINTS from the exhibitors . Every exhibitor appeared to be tolerant of the others and waited without complaining if there was a tack change . The tack changes were accomplished in an extremely efficient time and Judge , Jessica Hlebek – Mast kept the show moving while giving undivided attention to each of the 160 horses that entered the ring . One hundred sixty horses not entries as each horse could show only once ! Awesome ! Awesome too , were the folks who helped me without being asked . Danny McWhorter was the
A Knightime Menace and Jason Crawhorn claimed the Country Pleasure 5 & Under title for Vickie Moore .
Jamie and Jennifer Hankins were rightfully proud of daughter Clare and she and her amatuer riders did quite will at the show .
best gate man EVER , I ’ m not sure I would still be standing without his help . Kudos to Danny and to the several members who were kind enough to send me pictures of their winners . Your help was very much appreciated . A huge thank you to all that helped make this show a success . The winners are listed in the back .
– Sis Osborne