Walking On Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2019 - Page 7

Bits & Pieces Twenty Four Carrots ML 2019 Maiden Champion Twenty Four Carrots ML came into our lives in Novem- ber of 2018. Bred by Bruce Butler and Knox Blackburn, “Stir Fry” caught the eye of Kyle Elliott and Jim Potter immediately when he walked out of the stall at Layne Laverett’s farm in Shelbyville. Upon seeing the first video Maggie Moore and Jim Leek quickly responded with “we’ll be there in 10 min- utes..” Stir Fry has quickly exceeded expectations and was pre- sented in The Maiden by Kyle Elliott of New London, Ohio, and owned by Jim Leek and Maggie Moore of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. State Fair Service Horse Competition • Nashville, TN September 15 Thank you to everyone who came out for the Service Horse Competition at the Tennessee State Fair. Held September 15th and organzied by J.D. Harber, this year’s competition did a fine job of demonstrating the cooperation between these talented riders and horses. Congratulations to everyone who participated! Results: Obstable Course Challenge 1. Sgt. Steve Kindler and Java 2. Jeff Gibson 3. Sgt. Kevin Hooper 4. Shannon Gibson 5. Officer Martin Owens Tandem Obstacle Course Challenge 1 Sgt. Steve Kindler and Jeff Gibson 2. Shannon and Jeff Gibson 3. Sgt. Kevin Hooper and Officer Martin Owens 7