Walking On Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2019 - Page 6

Bits & Pieces The Maiden: the Making of an Event Well,  after The International things have settled down a bit, however Mother Nature is trying to convince us to be good as she shows us in this life just how hot it might get at a later date. Hotter than four kinds of hades and dry, dry dry! Good horses that I saw at the International are still walking thru my mind and bringing back the excitement of the show. One of the most exciting things (at least to me) at the International was the Maiden Class. A new adventure, it was a smashing success and the talk of the show. Modeled after the extremely successful the AQHA Master’s Class, it was an open Trail Pleasure class for two year olds that had NEVER been shown under saddle. This new incentive class was the brainchild of Kyle Elliott and Jessica Hlebak. Both of these WHOA Directors met often in the winter months to discuss the novel idea of a class for unshown two year olds. After working thru some of the de- tails they approached Tommy Hall with this new incentive class and it was a go. The Maiden Class was an open 6 • Walking On class for two-year-old Trail Plea- sure horses that had never been in a show ring under saddle. It was held on Wednesday night of the show thus giving the horses entered in the Maiden a chance to show in other classes later in the week An inaugural entry fee of $250.00 for 2019 was selected. A deadline for entries was set and entries not received prior to July 2nd were not accepted. Entries were non-refundable and non-trans- ferrable from horse to horse, but did follow a transfer of ownership. Two year old’s previously shown In Hand were eligible for “The Maid- en”.  However, two year old’s pre- viously shown under saddle were not eligible for this class. Fourteen outstanding two year olds lived up to the hype and excitement that had preceded their entry into the show ring.  Entry fees and other added monies were deposited into a jackpot which paid out 100% with 50% to the owners and 50% to the trainers of each placing horse. $7,200 was the total payback, with $2,400 going to first place winner, 24 Carrots ML and $1,400 going to the reserve winner, BP’s Captain Jack Sparrow. Payback was given to all 10 placing entries. Each and every entry received “gift bags” crammed to overflowing with great equine items as well as Vivere Chocolate (ok I sorta snitched one itty bitty piece of the chocolate YUM!!!). The class was sponsored by American National Insurance, Roger Baskin & Autumn Crest Farm in memory of Out On Parole, NC/VA Regional Champi- onship Show, Kala, Bryce, Bristol and Barrett Burgett, The Spinelli Family, Jim Potter Stables, Cosmic Candy Company, Brandi Adkins, and Bill & Kara Williams. 1st place winner received a 90 Day Supply of Dinovite,  2nd thru 10th place winners received a 30 day supply of Dinovite. The gorgeous Belt Buckle was sponsored by Kyler Elliott. The lovely floral horseshoe was  spon- sored by Tristan and Dakota Hodg- son in loving emory of the Father, U.S.Army Sergeant First Class David J. Hodgson. This thrilling class was initially made possible by the sponsorship of American National Insurance under the tutelage of Dean Craw- ford. Dean was instrumental in securing American National Insur- ance as the naming sponsor for this wonderful addition to The Interna- tional The Maiden was a class that was the subject of lively conversation prior to the show and lived up to its expectations in every way. I am positive that the 2020 Maiden will be even more spectacular!!!!! –Sis Osborne