Walking On Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2019 - Page 12

Back to Basics Horse Mats For Comfort And Convenience By Adriana A Noton Many little girls and boys dream of one day having a horse. Animal lovers, young and old, often spend hours doing research and learning how to care for their four legged friends. Whether you already have a horse in your life, or you’re considering bringing one home, there are some important things you need to know. Along with feeding, watering and grooming, the stall in which your horse spends time needs to be well taken care of. The use of horse mats, in the stall, can make cleaning up more efficient and less time consuming. These mats can be easily placed on the floor, allow- ing your horse a sturdy, comfortable surface to stand on. When giving birth they also provide cushioning and shock absorption to foals who are prone to falling over, and a bit of added comfort to mares who are lay- ing on them. These mats can also be used on the walls and doors of the stall to help prevent injuries from an accidental, or purposeful run in. Mats are also pretty easier to haul around. They can be put in trailers, or anywhere safe footing might be a concern. Carrying straw or chips can be a pain, load- ing and unloading wheel barrows can cause sore mus- cles and blistered hands. Using mats can considerably lower bedding costs. Most are made out of rubber and can be easily cleaned and sanitized, quickly, thoroughly and safely. Whether you need one mat for a spe- cific small area, or you want to have the whole stable floor covered, there is a de- sign for it all. Using them in the bathing area, provides much needed traction for the smooth hooves of the horse being bathed. Slippery floors can cause painful injuries not only to the horse, but to the person bathing them as well. Cleanliness of stalls is very important to prevent the many problems associ- ated with a horses hooves. The bedding used in stalls, along with droppings will become caked in the hooves and need to be picked out daily. Horses allowed to stand for long periods of time in dirty stalls are very susceptible to develop- 12 • Walking On ing diseases and problems in the feet that can lead to lameness. Most horse owners know that a horses feet are one of the most important parts of a horse, and special care needs to be taken to ensure the health of the hooves. Picking, and trimming are things that definitely need to be done. Making sure the stalls are free from layers of packed up urine and feces is another must, in order to keep a horses feet healthy. Dirt floors allow horses to “dig” creating an uneven and sometimes dangerous surface. Concrete floors might be easy to clean, but they are not comfortable for horses to stand on for any length of time. By lining the floors with horse mats, you will not only decrease your work load, you will also be add- ing to the comfort and overall health of your equine friend. These mats will also pay for themselves many times over, by allowing you to use less bedding materi- als in the stall. Looking for a cost-effective stall mat for your horses? These environmentally-friendly rubber mats may be just what you need. Rubber stall flooring provides comfortable support for your horses, and helps to relieve joint pressure by absorbing shocks. Article Source: https://EzineArticles.com/expert/Adriana_A_ Noton/459786 Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5153930