Walking On Volume 6, Issue 9, September 2019 - Page 10

Member Bulletin Estes Acres Provides an Introduction to the Tennessee Walking Horse This past summer Witt Baptist Church in Morris- town, Tennessee, sponsored a series of life skill classes for the youth. Topics included ceramics, water safety, cooking, and automotive care.  We ended the season with a horsemanship class.  The class was open for those interested from age 8 to 88.  The class was held at Estes Acres and covered various topics including the influence of horses in world history, the different tack and tools we use, and traditions of the horse world.  Horse safety, handling, and communications were demonstrated by Ken Estes with Elaine Estes’ mare Irresistible Satin.  We focused on the Tennessee Walk- ing Horse and the gaits were demonstrated by Jose’s Cash Doctor ridden by Trea Hazelwood, and Heart of Serenity ridden by Emily Tuttle. We demonstrated the flat walk and running walk, then compared these gaits to the racking horse Hazel Dot Com, ridden by 10 • Walking On Kayla Wilcox and Briley Jane Rouse. Dr. Issac Russell provided a natural horsemanship routine set to music with his previous International Trail Pleasure Racking Horse winner Encore’s Crown Prince.  Alton Cureton discussed proper hoof care and talked about the dif- ference between horses and mules.  Participants took a hay ride before lunch and after lunch all the partici- pants rode the horses.  We had thirty six participants and the oldest rider, who happens to be a first cousin to trainer Bob McQuerry, was in her 70s.  We would like to thank all who came and helped as side walkers and instructors.  Special thanks to Sam and Karen Bid- dle, Lauren Nicholson, Hunter Rouse and Kathy Rouse for their help, and Pastor Doug Brown for his vision, prayers and encouragement. –Ken Estes