Walking On Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2019 - Page 5

WHOA Dispatch All Day Pleasure Judging Guidelines I. Divide the judging emphasis of the class by three distinct points A. 50% Manners B. 25% Consistency C. 25% Quality of Movement II. Manners 50% A. Know and react willfully to a variety of cues from the rider B. The Pleasure Gait should be on a light rein with trail walk on a loose/draped rein. C. The reverse should be from a stop along the rail and should be fluid in either direction. The mount should give to the bit, offering no resistance at the direction of the turn. The mount should exhibit suppleness through its body as it turns. D. The horse should move to the lineup always under control from the rider. It should stand quietly and be alert. E. Judge each horse individually and completely while it backs. The mount should release to the bit when asked and not nose out. It should rise through the core and collectedly step backwards in a straight line without raising its head or hollowing its back. Then return quietly to the line-up and halt. F. The halt, when asked should be immediate. The horse should do so without nosing out or raising its head. It should stand quietly until you ask for a change of movement. At least one halt is strongly recommended in ADP. All of these points speak to how the horse and rider communicate with each other throughout the class, from the time they enter the ring, until you, the Judge, turn in your card. Always be cognizant of the entire ring as you judge. III. Consistency of horse and rider 25% A. All aspects of the gaits should appear to be as effortless as possible and look like the horse and rider can go on for hours exhibiting the same standard of movement at the end of the ride as it did in the beginning. B. The gaits should have consistency with a distinct rhythm and regularity of footfall without any signs of an unlevel front end or uneven stride behind. C. The horse should show a willingness of attitude and be alert. D. The horse should be framed in a well-balanced manner. The horse should naturally carry its head in a manner that exhibits a balanced headset that appears natural to the horse. IV. Quality of Movement 25% A. Current rules allow for many variations of gait. It is important to judge the consistency and comfort of horse and rider as the gaits are performed. B. All gaits should be smooth and effortless. C. The rider is not to exhibit any pumping or bumping of the reins. D. Transitions between any gaits should be smooth, E. The Trail Walk transition should be immediate from any gait. The mount should walk quietly and should be maintained at a slow regulated walk without the rider having to speed check the horse. The reins should be draped throughout this movement. V. Excessive animation is NOT a desired trait in All Day Pleasure Classes All Day Pleasure No Nos Ear pinning Tail ringing Strung out Tight reins Rider moving excessively in saddle Excessive rider leg movement Mixture of English & Western tack Fighting the bit Head swinging Rearing Resisting or refusing to back in lineup Turning the wrong way on reverse Rushing the Trail Walk Inconsistent gait No transition between gaits Mouth gaping Illegal bit 5