Walking On Volume 6, Issue 4, April 2019 - Page 16

WHOA Academy and Schooling Show March 30, 2019 • Murfreesboro, Tennessee The 2nd WHOA Academy/Schooling Show was held at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee March 30th.  This site brought back many memories for some of us who have been WHOA members for years.  The MTSU site was the official WHOA site until the Miller Colise- um was built.  It was fun to remember the horses, the friends and the fun time from yesteryear. Once again the day started with a Judge’s Session, Ten judges showed up to renew their WHOA license and bone up on the rules.  The All Day Pleasure Division drew more comments than other divisions and a lively discussion was held on the subject. It was good to see the judges as once again they judged the show along with the capable Gail Zinter of Wisconsin. All week our weather forecasters had predicted heavy rains-strong winds- and chances of tornadoes for the Murfreesboro area. The day was windy and cloudy but the show made it thru without weather incidents.  The forecast may have caused the numbers to be down a wee bit or it could have been because it was spring break time for the area.  The youth classes were lighter than the previous show but the horses were really nice.  In class number nine we had a rare incident. There were TWO sets of TWINS!!!!! The cute ( I WAS going to say LITTLE but they are growing up!!!!) Gardner girls, Cheyenne and Dakota and new to the show circuit, the handsome Johnson boys, Tanner and Tucker. I tried all day to round them up  for a group photo but it was like herding chickens. Cheyenne and Dakota are the children of Misty and Dickie Gardner while Tanner and Tucker are the grand- children of Susie and Keith Johnson and Gloria and Mike Hilley. It was the first show for the Johnson boys who did very well. It was such a pleasure for me to see Sandra Barnes back in the show ring.  Sandra did a great job on a two year old and this was  her first time to show in over four years!!!!  You go! It was always good to see the Kentucky trainers and exhibitors support the WHOA shows in Tennessee. The Starnes family did not show but both Linda and Larry assisted as gate openers and ribbon boys Or girls  as Dan finished up his DQP apprenticeship. My War Eagle buddies, the Headrick family helped me cheer on our Auburn Tigers. There were several new owners and exhibitors at this show which is always a good sign for the future.  Wel- come to all our exhibitors and we hope you will contin- ue to show with us. In closing I want to once again urge all trainers, plus anyone that is interested in our youth, to take advantage of the Academy Program. It is a great way to obtain new customers, introduce  new riders to the show ring thata will be competing against exhibitors of their skill level  These new customers just may turn into life long customers as their skills improve they will  buy new horses. Just a thought!  Go to your local school and put a sign on their bulletin board then be prepared for lots of calls!!!!! – Sis Osborne Watch This Deal making a blue ribbon deal with Kelly Richards to win the Yearling Amateur class for Jones and Richards. It was a good day for Charlie Howard with A Gun Show and Mercedes Mercedes Benz in the Country Pleasure division. 16 • Walking On