Walking On Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2019 - Page 6

Bits & Pieces Walking Horses Excel at WDAA World Championships Things are cooling off in middle Tennessee but our breed continues to be hot competition no matter where they go or what type competition they choose. To me, it is a personal victory to see OUR breed compete in “unusual or different”  rivalries and do well. One of these “different” competitions is Dressage. Dressage is fairly new to our breed; however it is one of the the oldest of training methods, and is often referred to as classic training. This is a consistent method of training for all horses that traces back to Xenophon a Greek General who wrote about it in 475BC. The court horses of the Renaissance in Europe were presented using this training, which can still be seen at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna Austria. Applying this training tech- nique to our Tennessee Walking Horses is a natural fit because the training exercises promote engagement of the haunches and following through stride as well as collection that naturally enhances animation. The ex- ercises found within the tests in each level are the basis of this training technique. Recently the Western Dressage World Champion- ships were held in Gutherie, Oklahoma. The Tennessee Walking Horse breed saw several horses competing in the Gaited Division. In the Gaited Division there were Tennessee Walking Horses, Racking Horses,  and Mis- souri Fox Trotters. The show grounds were beautiful and spacious. The indoor arena was the biggest many had ever shown in. According to all reports the gaited folks were made to feel very welcomed. Everyone was so nice and encouraging.  Professional trainer, Scot MacGregor has been instrumental in bringing  Dressage to the forefront for the TWH breed for several years. Scot has several horses that compete nationwide and do well. At the Western Dressage World Championships MacGregor Stables had outstanding scores resulting in multiple wins. Not only did Scot excel with his horses but his customers’ horses also did very well. Scot and All Around Midnight garnered six wins and one reserve. Extra Daring, owned by Pat Crouse, collected one win Jessica Marlewski Jessica Marlewski Tami Steinbrecher Kitty Keen 6 • Walking On Scot MacGregor