Walking On Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2019 - Page 18

WHOA Versatility Show October 20, 2019 • Murfreesboro, TN The WHOA Show held at MacGregor Stables was just as nice as the lovely day. We were pleased to see exhibitors from several states such as Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Hawaii and then the ones from across the big pond Italy! WOW! WHOA was glad to see all of you including our in state exhibitors. Personally I was delighted to see Victoria Martocci in the show ring . It’s been awhile but Vitoria hasn’t lost her touch. She still knows her way around a show ring and did excellent jobs of piloting Dr. Gladney’s two horses in winning form. Big Time Charlie strutted his stuff to a blue and later in the show Lite ‘Em Up proved just as adapt at walking her way to the winners circle. Good to see you Victoria---try not to stay away so long!! Scot and Lynn MacGregor had their facility immac- ulate for our show. They had worked hard to have every little thing ready for the show and it went off without a hitch. Thanks to them for the use of this awesome facili- ty. A huge thank you to the Bowlings and PWHAT who loaned WHOA their sound system for the show. While I am offering up thanks a must thank you goes out to Lori Finch for the delicious brownies that served as appetiz- ers until the pizza arrived. WHOA graciously furnished pizza to all the exhibitors. Then an afternoon snack was provided by Marilyn Carter’s popcorn. Don’t know what she does to make it sweet but the popcorn is different and delicious. THANKS TO ALL! Ken Estes was the capable judge for the show and his lovely wife, Elaine, pitched in to help by running judge’s cards to the announcer and handing out ribbons when the ribbon girl (and I use that word loosely) was off taking pictures. It takes a village to put on a show and thankfully the WHOA shows are filled with willing volunteers. In addition to the weanling and yearlings this show had horses previously unseen in the show ring and they did excellent jobs. Looks as if the future is bright as the youth continue to show up and show out. All in all it was a lovely day indeed.! – Sis Osborne 18 • Walking On Chattahoochee Charlie, Emery Sims, Bobby Jones, Collusion, Lynn Womack, Dexter Roberts, I’m Eva Mendes Joel Chrisman Jackson Warren and Dolly Dumas Victoria Martocci Stein and Lite Em Up