Walking On Volume 6, Issue 10, October 2019 - Page 16

WHOA Versatility Show October 13, 2019 • Brownsville, Kentucky The WHOA Show in Brownsville, Kentucky was held on a delightful day. One couldn’t ask for a more perfect “horse show day.” Sunny yet not hot with a nice breeze. Obviously others thought the same thing as 260 entries made the gate call! Over 400 entries for the weekend is awesome in my book in this day and time and with FREEZING weather on Saturday. Trust me a fire would have been nice Saturday night. The Edmonson County 4 H Club always has the items in the concession stand that one needs. For exam- ple, chili, hot chocolate, hot coffee, and chili dogs really hit the spot BOTH days. The exhibitors and spectators appreciate the 4 H taking such good care of us. The 4 H youth work hard to be sure the Brownsville Show series goes well. They cook, hand out ribbons, run entry sheets back and forth and show!!!! There were 14 in the 4 H Youth Class!!!! Angie Runnels made the drive from Cape Girardeau, Missouri to place the horses. She had her work cut out for her as the ring was filled with nice horses class after class. Angie did a great job and was ably assisted by ringmaster Randy Laurentius. It is neat when we have judges that are unfamiliar with the horses and riders and just tie them as they see them on that particular day.   Two reasons the Sunday show had more entries was; an exhibitor may show a horse more than one time plus the fact that versatility classes were offered in the morn- ing of the Sunday show. The versatility classes are always filled with adult AND 4 H youth.  51 versatile horses showed Sunday morning helping to boost the Sunday entry level. Thank you! I love seeing how the versatile horses improve with each outing. Kudos to Dalaina Northern and Whiskey & Ivory for their speedy runs. Dalaina  had been working hard on these events and she blazed her way to TWO blues! Kentucky, Missouri, and Tennessee horses performed with excellence both day. WHOA extends our thanks to each of you that showed up, braved the weather, and made for a fantastic weekend. THANK YOU! – Sis Osborne She’s A Peach and Leon Wielawski Judge Angie Runnels and Randy Laurentius Veto’s Live Wire and Marilyn Carter El’s A Poppin and Rachel Cowles He’s Armed & Charmed and Rylee Eilerman 16 • Walking On