Walking On Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2017 - Page 19

Victoria Kalosis aboard A Phantom Masterpiece and Zachary Sapp aboard Sis Wolf. It was great to see the REAGAN FAMILY from Niota Tn out in full force and in a jubilant way as Mom, Wanda won several blues with Rachet, daughter, Melissa was not to be out done as she and Moon Me First earned a couple of blues and daughter, Alison upheld the family honors in the H2O Class and didn’t spill nary a drop! Cute little GRANDdaughter, Patrica Crisp made her presence known in the youth events but is now a teenager and all grown up   WOW!  What a difference a year makes. Of course poppa bear, Danny was keeping his girls ready for the ring and all the tack in just the correct place at the right time which is a feat with 4 females going in the ring one after another.  Danny has been laid up with illness so it was deeeelightful to see and talk with him  We’ve been missing you big guy! The Unbelievable Wolf and Jaelynn Evans. Charlie Howard of Murfreesboro Tn making one of his many good rides aboard Mercedes Benz claiming yet another blue for the duo. Irrestible Satin with Elaine Estes. This entry made good shows with Elaine and Ken. Congrats to this husband / wife team on their good ribbons. 19