Walking On Volume 4, Issue 6, June 2017 - Page 16

WHOA Service Horse Clinic  On June 13th through the 16th 33 people with their horses attended the WHOA Service Horse Clin- ic at the Williamson Ag Expo to brush up their skills and enjoy a spirited competition at the end.  The WHOA Service Horse  Program is open to all Breeds and strives to assist people who want to use their horses in the service of others through community service such as mounted patrol and search/rescue.    The rail classes consisting of Formation Riding and the Patrol Ride were Judged by the Honorable B. J. Richards of Franklin Tennessee     Formation Riding 1st Place  Team King       Micheala King       Jackie Roberts      Wendy Devine      Debbie Jackson   2nd Place Team Kindler      Steve Kindler       Keith Wrather      Gina Wrather      Penny Adcock     Johnny Perry   3rd Place Team Weeks       Anne Weeks       Jan Neeley      Kristen Davenport      Babs Steele   4th Place Team Quigley       Lig Quigley       Debbie Liggett      Jeff Gibson      Martha Scissom   Patrol Ride Class 1st Martha Scissom       Blairsville,  Ga. 2nd Jeff Gibson                Petersburg, Tn. 3rd Paula Palmer             Hayesville, NC. 4th Keith Wrather           Columbia, Tn. 5th Debbie Jackson         Lebanon, Tn. 16 • Walking On