Walking On Volume 4, Issue 11, November 2017 - Page 17

ristmas Gifts orse Lover Chalkboard Horse Boot Fillers 1. Buy a toy plastic horse and a can of chalkboard spray paint. 1. Buy a pair of cool boot socks. 2. Spray the horse with two coats of chalkboard paint. 3. Cut the pool noodle into two pieces slightly shorter that the boot socks. 3. Use chalk to write thougtful messages on the horse. 4. Package with a selection of colorful chalk and a chalkboard eraser. Hanging Horseshoe 1. Locate an old horseshoe. 2. Scrub the horseshoe clean. 3. Buy a can of festive spray paint and some pretty ribbon. 4. Paint the horseshoe. 5. Loop the ribbon through the nail holes in the horseshoe to create a hanger. 2. Buy a large pool noodle. 4. Stuff the pool noodles into the boot socks. 5. Tie the socks at the top. The Gift of Time 1. Use construction paper or scrap- booking paper to create a homemade booklet. 2. Make each page of the booklet into a coupon that’s redeemable for a future service such as paddock cleaning, tack mending, barn cleaning, hay stacking, etc. 17