Waldensian Review No 131 Winter 2017/18

THE WALDENSIAN REVIEW From the Editor Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you for your constant interest and for your support with your thoughts, your prayers and your financial help. However, the numbers of supporters and donations are dropping year by year, and we must all try to do our best to raise more interest and to find new friends, for the work of the Walden- sian Church is vital to Italian society, both spiritually and materially, as for instance in the welcoming of migrants and refugees. Our Mission has chosen to sustain areas that do not receive public money, such as the running costs of the church itself and especially in the fields of Evangelisation and youth work and for the training of future ministers. If you would like to organise a Waldensian event we can help with ideas, speakers and material: indeed there is so much one can tell and share! Waldensian history ranges from the twelfth century to nowadays and we can provide churches, groups and individuals with talks, films, books, or we can set up tours and holidays in Italian scenic places full of History. These range from the Foresteria of Torre Pellice in the Waldensian Valleys in the Italian Alps to that of Palermo. We have Guest Houses in elegant palaces in Venice, Florence and Rome, beach guest houses on the Ligurian Riviera and on the Isle of Elba, along with lovely hillside accommodation in Tuscany at Reggello and in Sicily at Servizio Cristiano di Riesi. These are all cheaper and friendlier than their commercial counterparts and the profits are for the excellent outreach of the Waldensian/Methodist Church. Please remember to buy calendars, books and novelties from our website: www.waldensian.org No. 131 Christmas 2017 Editor: Mrs Erica Scroppo Newbury, 85 St Andrew’s Road, Cambridge cb 4 1 dh . Telephone 01223-315753, email [email protected]