Waldensian Review No 127 Winter 2015

THE WALDENSIAN REVIEW From the Editor Dear Friends and Supporters, Thank you so much for your continuing interest and support with donations and prayers. We are really thrilled to be able to attract new friends, especially thanks to the excellent website set up by Alastair Morris. Many people have now registered their email in order to receive the Review via the internet. Many still prefer the paper version, which we are still producing, and for which several people have sent a contribution towards the printing and postage. Receiving letters or emails is very heart-warming: please continue to keep in touch, to register yourself in order to receive our emails and from time to time to have a look at our website for news and novelties: www.waldensian.org.uk ABOVE ALL REMEMBER that your financial support is vital if we want to be able to have another Waldensian or Methodist student in Cambridge and to support projects in Italy. Waldensian Day On 19 September we had a very successful gathering in St Andrew’s Hall in Cambridge. Over 50 people came to listen to a remarkable panel of speakers commenting on the visit by the Pope to the Waldensian Church in Turin and his request of forgiveness on the behalf of the Roman Catholic Church. In the next issue you’ll be able to read what was said by David Cornick (General No. 127 Christmas 2015 Editor: Mrs Erica Scroppo Newbury, 85 St Andrew’s Road, Cambridge cb4 1dh. Telephone 01223-315753, email [email protected]