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October 2016 “THE OLD WEST IS A TIME AND PLACE OF THE HEART” VOLUME 1, NUMBER 1 CHAVEZ DIES ON SURROUNDED BY THE SCAFFOLD MARSHALS Condemned Man Was “Game” to the Last. April 16, 1899, Call, San Francisco, California — Manuel Chavez was executed this morning: for one of the most brutal and cowardly murders ever recorded in this State. Indian blood flowed in the murderer’s veins and, true to the traditions of his race, he walked upon the scaffold and went to his death with the resignation and indifference of a stoic. The condemned man waived the reading of the death warrant, and with Guards Arbogast and Merritt on either side walked firmly up the steps of the scaffold and took his position on the trap. He was preceded by Rev. Father Lagan of San Rafael and Rev. Father Vallidamat of San Francisco. Guard Arbogast proved himself the worthy successor of Amos Lunt as hangman, and no bungling marred the fulfillment of the law’s decree. The trap fell at 10:32, and life was pronounced extinct in ten and a half minutes. The body twitched and jerked so convulsively for five minutes that the majority of those present were convinced the fall of five feet and seven inches was insufficient for Chavez’s light weight, and that he died of strangulation. In addition to Dr. Lawlor, the prison physician, Drs. W. J. Wickman and J. Keck of San Rafael were present at the execution. A peculiar incident occurred during the progress of the execution, which was especially marked by the superstitious. As Chavez entered the execution chamber a little English sparrow flitted silently in at a window and, perching upon a rafter near the scaffold, appeared to watch the gruesome spectacle. As the trap fell it gave a faint “cheep” and ten seconds afterward darted out again into the sunlight. The crime expiated by Chavez was the murder of Gregoria Rodriguez in San Diego County on May 14, 1897. Five days previously the woman, who had lived with Chavez for some time, left him and went to the house of a neighbor. He followed her and, upon being told she would not return, slashed her on the arm. She ran and fell fainting on the rear porch. Chavez then cut her throat and stabbed her a dozen times. Bill Dalton and Bill Dolan Believed to be Wounded–A Woman Shot Three Dead Bandits Left on the Field by the Bandits. April 21, 1894, Gazette, Fort Worth, Texas — The report received of a battle between the Dalton gang and deputy marshals near Ingalls, fifty-five miles from this city, is confirmed today. The fight occurred at the house of Bruce Miller, one of the outlaws. The officers surrounded the house, all of them armed with Winchesters, just before daylight. Bill Dalton. The Dalton bandits were inside. finding in shooting distance of the No shots were fired until one of the house twenty men well-armed, the desperadoes came out one at a outlaw returned to the house. time, unarmed and surrender or Fully a half hour’s consultation was hostilities would be commenced. had by the bandits before a stir was Continued on page 4 After looking over the field and ROUNDING UP OUTLAWS IN THE COLORADO BASIN Active Campaign by the Governors of Four States Against “Butch” Cassidy and His 500 Freebooters. April 3, 1898, Call, San Francisco, California — “Butch” Cassidy is a bad man. He is the worst man in four states. These states are Utah, Colorado, Idaho and Wyoming, and when the four Governors met in secret conclave on Monday it was for the purpose of deciding upon a plan of campaign against the most notorious outlaw the West has ever had to cope with. The achievements of Jesse James and his followers pale into tawdry Continued on page 4 Wagons West Chronicles is not liable for any person who is transported back to the 1800’s as a result of reading the publicatin and refuses to or is unable to return to the 21st Century.