On October 7 at the Columbus Academy, more than 100 students from across Ohio gathered for the 2nd Annual Fall Forum. Fall Forum acts as the kickoff event for the OJCL, and it is designed to imitate a type of mini-Convention. Now, you might be thinking, “Aren’t you, as OJCL Executive Officers, obliged to write this sort of thing?” or “Didn’t you already write an article for the OJCL Torch about this?”, and we might tell you, “Absolutely.”

But all that aside, Fall Forum was pretty awesome. Full of exciting and fun events throughout the day, it exceeded all expectations and was an amazing success. The three highlights we’d like to touch on are Colloquia, Open Certamen, and Ludi.

We ran the Elections Colloquium along with Secretary Jason Suh. It was interesting to hear the varying types of local Boards and the questions people had about running for office. We had a small group, but we managed to have a productive workshop. We’ll be the first to tell you guys: we’ll have more officer-led colloquia at States!

Open Certamen was another big highlight. My team, not expecting to advance to the finals, advanced to the finals. We were a ragtag team with 3 Summit Latin members on our team: myself, Davis, and James. Julia was on another team. They lost. While we only got 20 points in the finals, we managed to score 150 points in round 2, and I think that’s all that matters.