Some may say that Latin is dead

We can clearly see that they have been misled.

Mythology has formed the world we live in today

So really we see Latin upon all days

The Latin language is for sure still alive

It’s what causes the other languages to thrive

English, Spanish, French, you name it

Latin makes its mark, although it’s split

The JCL is a nice place to see

The influence of Latin shown on some stylish tee’s

Young Latin scholars gather for a week

The feeling when you leave has you nothing but weak

A community where all can agree

That Latin can influence things as simple as a tree

If you’re reading this, then you can attest

That Latin can require a number of tests

Tests lead to another, but over time

These tests can make you feel divine

One may win prestigious awards

Which can lead towards college

Today I see Latin all around me

There are endless possibilities of where it could be

Latin wouldn’t be taught if it were dead

One should use the common sense in their head

That Latin is everything but dead.


Why Latin is not a Dead Language

By Matthew Casanas