Well, it has been a great year so far for the Latin Club! This is my second year as editor, and I feel so blessed to participate once again on Summit’s Latin Board. Before I joined our club’s board, to me, Latin was just another class, another place to strive for good grades. Now, I have realized that Latin is so much more: it is a community. Upon attending my first convention last year (my sophomore year), I could not believe how much fun and camaraderie surround the study of Latin, the “dead language.” The Latin community is anything but dead, and I hope you can see that through this issue of Vox Latina! Enjoy!

Brigid Devine

I've only been editor for half a year, but I'm already having the time of my life on the Summit Latin Board. This year's Latin Board is made up of mostly seniors, and all of them have been such great role models to me throughout the past few years. In fact, it is because of many of them that I chose to apply for the position on the Board as a freshman, even though I did not know many other people from my grade who were also going to be on the board. I would have never dreamed that Latin would become such a huge part of my life. Thank you for the support, and enjoy reading!

Connie Nelson