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1 Vox Latina Jan-Feb 2013 Editor: Emily Haussler of Summit CDS Inside this issue: Celebration of the 1 Classics Service at the Summit 2 Saturnalia 3 The Latin Club Rap 4 Goats and Taxi- cabs 5 George Washing- ton: A Modern Romulus 5 Mr. Dean’s Unde- niable Teaching Skills 6 Name that Mortal Crossword 7 MADD 8 Crossword An- swers 8 Celebration of The Classics The Summit Country Day Latin club celebrated the 17th annual Cele- bration of the Classics Friday, November 3rd. The focus this year was on Homer's Iliad. The much-anticipated event started with project- viewing. Parents and students alike came to see the many projects lin- ing the walls of Knight's Hall, with projects ranging from 3-D posters to dolls to models and more! We all enjoyed a delicious bounty with Latin- themed food, and then sat down for the show to begin. First, the crowd enjoyed presentations of monologues taken from passages of the Iliad by students such as Inessa Chandra, Kevin Boyce, and Jesse Camp- bell. taken from passages of the Iliad. Next, we saw multimedia videos from this year, and then favorites from years past. While this was going on, students participated in an academic contest where they tested their knowledge of Homer's Iliad. Finally, the evening ended with Cer- tamen, or “the buzzer game” for you younger students, with brackets based on Latin level. To me, this was the best part of the evening, espe- cially since I was on a team with two members of the Upper Level state Certamen team. Those who won were rewarded with ribbons and sugar -filled substances, and the group left for the night, hopefully with huge smiles, stomachs full of delicious, classically themed treats, and brain packed with a little more knowledge on Homer's Iliad than before. –Kelly McBride: 2nd VP Middle School students loving Celebration! Inessa Chandra delivering a dramatic interpretation