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hen I think of strong leadership several characteristics come to mind . Integrity , accountability , resilience , honesty and great communication top my list . With these characteristics in mind , I have learned that solid leadership is developed through years of trial and error . When someone does the challenging work necessary to become a good leader , they ’ ve made a valuable investment in themselves and the entity they work for .
In preparing for this Leadership edition , I had the remarkable opportunity to speak , in depth , with leaders from a number of wide-ranging industries , including entrepreneurs , political candidates , elected officials and more . The conversations were unlike anything I could have expected . Some of them poured into me , which is what good leaders do . While others tested my patience beyond my regular limits . Trust me ; lessons learned .
Nevertheless , here we are in the third quarter of 2022 releasing the Leadership edition and I ’ ve got a question . Do you know what it takes to be a good leader and what are you ?
A successful leader is capable of inspiring others while providing guidance . Implementing an authoritative leadership style with a positive attitude are also critical traits . A good leader will always create a safe and honest environment first and foremost . Secondly , a good leader is always learning , and I thoroughly enjoy being a forever student .
One thing for sure , my platform has allowed me to be a student utilizing various streams of learning . In June of 2022 , my pursuit of knowledge led me to the doorstep of retired Orange County Commissioner Mable Butler . Known for her no-nonsense approach and unabashed leadership style , she shared invaluable lessons with me that helped alter how I will navigate moving forward .
Me : Ms . Butler , What challenges did
you face being the 1st African American Woman to hold a Commissioner Seat ?
Ms . Butler : I had challenges however , people knew who I was , they knew I would run them over if they were in my way , even though I would be the same person to back up , put them in the car and take them to the hospital !”
That right there is what I call a true leader . Strong , Confident and Empathetic !
Welcome to the Leadership Edition 2022 , I hope this issue impacts your life like it has done for mine . n

— Jennifer Yon

VOL 8 , Issue 1 n IBA Success Magazine 9