Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 65

Leadership That Restores Hope
In Public Schools In The African American Community by Dr . Clara Walters
In this book , the reader will gain insight from Dr . Clara Walters , based on over sixty years of firsthand experience in public education as a student , teacher , principal , district administrator , and educational consultant who has seen the worst of times and the best of times in education during the three phases of societal change - segregation , desegregation , and gradual re-segregation .
Complete Guide to Buying a Home by Nesterine Blair
This is a helpful guide to the home buying process with strategies and advice to make your transaction as seamless as possible . You ’ ll learn how to determine your wants vs . needs in a new home , how to negotiate a great deal , what to look for in a home loan , and much more .
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Three Keys to Achieving Success by Casanova WIlliams
Success looks so different for everyone and sometimes it ’ s hard to achieve it . And then when you do achieve it it ’ s hard to maintain it . I become a Success Life coach to teach others the tools they will need to be successful . My lessons have helped me to grow my current relationships , grow needed ones and become a better father , husband and businessman .
Stop Procrastinating :
Unleash Your Powers to Achieve Your Goals by Dr . Lana McLetchie
The objective of this book is to help you , change your mindset by inspiring you to reach your goals and full potential . By the end of this book , you should be adept at setting and accomplishing any goal .
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