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ccording to the dictionary , the word unicorn has gone on to name a person or thing that is rare and highly valued . At IBA Success , we have decided to add Chris Delgado as part of that definition . Chris Delgado is running for County Commissioner of Orange County , Florida . Part of what makes him rare is that he is not a politician . He tells you that he will not talk about politics like an expert ; he is an amateur . But he does contend that he can be a spokesperson for people who are not normally interested in politics but are affected by politics . Statistics tell us that things are not as bad as they seem ; however , Chris talks to people who say things are horrible . He sees people in despair crying about what is happening , but there are no solutions . He talks to children , his own and others , who are trying to tell us something , and we are not listening . Chris is of the mind that if you are not part of the solution , then you are a part of the problem . Therefore , he refuses to be part of the problem . He feels that he can either be inactive and create negative problems or situations or be proactive and take action to be a positive force for solutions to problems or situations . IBA Success caught up with Chris Delgado , not on the campaign trail but on one of the rare moments that he was at home , and we took the time to discuss politics with him . By the time the conversation ended , we had discovered why he had thought he was an ideal candidate for County Commissioner ; his WHY and passion for political office ; his vision of himself as an elected official ; and the challenges he expects to face .
IN THE BEGINNING Every story has a beginning , and Chris reflects his desire to be needed , and being happy being needed comes from his mother . When he was a child , his mother demonstrated that giving to others was the foundation of their family . Even when they did not have a great deal , there was always something to give to others . An ad similar to Save the Children tells stories of African children suffering . For a small fee , you can help save a child ’ s life . Chris ’ s mother rose to the challenge and sent money . In return , they sent her a picture of the child that she had adopted . We laugh together as he recounts that his mother put the picture on the mantel and told the children that this was their ‘ brother ’. Once , they sent a picture of the child with no shoes . When his mother asked why he did not have shoes , she was told that they did not wear shoes in that village , but she contended that the ground was too hot for his feet and he needed shoes . The next picture showed the child in sandals . His mother ’ s legacy of helping made such an impact that when Chris was 16 , he adopted his own ‘ child ’ from Mexico . In his family , they are not happy unless they are helping someone else .
GIVING CONTINUES His mother ’ s legacy lives on as an adult with his own family . Christmas is Chris Delgado ’ s favorite holiday . He believes that giving and serving others is when you feel the true spirit of Christmas . His entire family follows his example , knowing that when you give of yourself , that is when you are truly fulfilled . Orlando Giving is his own personal charity that he uses to help others during this season . The 12 days of Christmas is more than just a song . He and his family choose a different family to donate to every day for 12 days , and on Christmas Eve , they make a major donation to one local family . From his family to their families , he wants people to celebrate the holidays with a little less worry than usual . He feels that no one should be in a bad mood around Christmas .
Realizing that people needed help beyond the holidays , Chris went about helping people in the community of Apopka ,
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