Volume 8 Leadership Edition Nesterine Blair | Page 32


Leadership Edition Cover Reveal Dinner

The Leadership Edition Cover Reveal Dinner sponsored by Bar 5 Lounge & Grill provided an elite networking experience with live entertainment by Saxophonist Devrick Bell .
Hillary Harris & Shan Rose Geraldine Thompson & Kate Shum Soraya Gallimorr & Geraldine Thompson Devrick Bell
Corrine Brown & Jennifer Yon James Morris & Jennifer Yon Dee Harrison & Nesterine Blair Chris & Andie Delgado
Jennifer Yon & Geraldine Thompson Jennifer Yon & Torrence Bryant Loudwine Norcilus , Jennifer Yon & Rose Sime Rossner Gene Pierre & Jennifer Yon
Jennifer Yon & Antwan Nelson
Shantrell Brown , Chris Delgado , Sharon
Chris Delgado , Jennifer Yon & Jazmyn Yon
Jennifer Yon & Samuel Ings
Driver , Corrine Brown & Jennifer Yon