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Entertain in Style

SOURCE : ELIVINGTODAY . COM # 13139 t ’ s never too early to plan ahead , especially when you are expecting guests in your home . Your family and friends know and might love your style , but it can be important to spice things up now and again to impress your visitors . Factors such as lights , music and food can affect your guests experience in your home .
To remain stylish and keep your party going , consider these tips for fun and festive home entertaining .
Back to Basics . Staying organized is key while entertaining guests in your home . Try to plan out every detail before the big event , which can allow things to go more smoothly on the big day . As you think out your plan ahead of time , making lists can be a helpful way to stay organized and ensure you get everything done . List out your guests , what needs to be picked up from the store and possible decorations you might need to buy or craft yourself . The possibilities can seem endless , but it ’ s important to have a plan in place before you start putting things together .
Think about Theme . There are numerous ways your style can be shown while entertaining . One way is to pick a theme or theme-related food dishes . One way to show your theme is through decorations . Placing them throughout your home can give the party some life and help guests get into the overall theme of the party .
Light up the Party . Transforming your home can be made simpler by changing the lighting . It ’ s typical for lights to be dimmed for parties to set a more relaxed mood . Other ideas include using candles , lamps or even hanging lanterns if you are entertaining outside . Make sure it ’ s bright enough so everyone can see , but dimmed enough to set the mood for the evening ’ s events .
Set the Mood with Music . Pick music that matches your theme and inspires that same feel throughout the house . If you ’ re going for a fun , energetic atmosphere , try something with a quick tempo , such as pop . If you ’ re wanting to relax , go for subtler , soothing tones . Try making your playlist before you entertain and listen to it a few times through , that way you can know what to expect and how guests will react to your music selections .
Enjoy it . Through all the anxiety and stress of entertainment planning , make sure you take time to enjoy yourself during the time guests are in your home . Some guests will notice if you ’ re not having a good time . Smile and remember to be present in the moment . n
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