Volume 8 Issue 1 Leadership Edition 2022 | Page 8


How Do You Unwind at the End of Your Day ?

After I long day of work I like to clear my mind and take a walk around the lake . I love to people watch and look at the squirrels and all the pretty ducks that parade around the lake . Once I get home , I like to indulge on a glass of Cabernet and a dark chocolate or two !
When it comes to relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day , deep breathing with intention soothes me . It declutters all of the chaos from the day , relaxes , rejuvenates my mind and cleanses my energies . Music heals my soul on a deeper level , and no one genre is better than another . Whatever speaks to us heals us , and brings so much joy .
I start my days really early so once I am done with work , I unwind by I enjoying a nice dinner and watching some TV . Sometimes I like to read a book while enjoying a cigar .
I usually like to take a walk to help me relax and plan my next day .
It usually depends on the day , but I like to meet up with old friends and catch up . I believe that nourishing relationships is important and is also an opportunity to talk about our goals and current events .
After a long day of work , I like to relax on my lazy boy with my feet up and a nice dram of Scotch on hand while listening to some relaxing music . I like to take this relaxation time to focus on gratitude and the abundance that I am always manifesting .
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