Volume 7 Issue 2 Men With A Billionaire Mindset | Page 99

Let ’ s Climb

By Jennifer Yon
hen I close each edition of IBA Success magazine I wonder what impact it will have on the world . I ’ m an emotional land mine because each release feels like the first one I published seven years ago . I am equal parts giddy and anxious hoping that the impact on our contributors , readers and advertisers will be life changing . I have to admit though , it has gotten easier and that ’ s primarily because of my team .
When I say having the right team makes all the difference , believe me . Over the past three months I ’ ve ridden a business rollercoaster . I ’ ve seen more peaks and valleys than I care to mention . And , through it all , my team was solid . As a Publisher and Serial Entrepreneur I am results driven and I ’ ve built a team that embodies my business philosophy .
So , here are my tips for building the perfect team :
1 . Hold staff accountable , but don ’ t micromanage . Trust them to do the job you hired them to do .
2 . Clearly explain your vision and expectations to ensure everyone is working toward the same goal .
3 . Understand that relationships are more valuable than money . Get to know your people so you know what makes them tick .
4 . Communicate . Set regular team meetings with targeted , strategic agendas . Document who ’ s responsible for what and when .
5 . Be open to ideas that aren ’ t your own . Listen to suggestions and allow your team to take calculated risks .
6 . Welcome constructive criticism and be open to make necessary changes .
7 . Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and learn how to maximize their best abilities .
8 . Respect the fact that each person has a life outside of their work . Be mindful of their personal boundaries .
9 . Be protective and supportive . Never speak poorly of your team and don ’ t allow it from anyone else either .
10 . Appreciate your team . Teamwork makes the dreams work !
To my IBA Success Team I send my unwavering gratitude . We did it again ! n
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