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James A . Hicks

ames A . Hicks is the founder and CEO of Hicks Financial : Asset and Wealth Management . Mr . Hicks has worked for numerous top-tier companies as a Senior Executive for over 15 years . He has a Bachelor ’ s Degree in Organizational Communications from UCF , an MBA from Webster University , and an Entrepreneurship Certification from Harvard University . He has traveled the country facilitating business seminars , national conventions as well as sales and finance training . The goal of Hicks Financial : Asset and Wealth Management is to help individuals , families , and small businesses become financially free through Estate Planning , Asset Management , and Corporate Development . He has been heard on national radio broadcasts , local and national magazine publications , and numerous podcasts that focused on business , finance , and money management .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? Maintaining a billionaire mindset is not accidental . It is intentional . And to develop a billionaire mindset , it must start in the mind . How are you thinking , what are you thinking about , and what are you allowing to dictate your thoughts . So my routine entails incorporating activities that strengthen the body , enhance the mind and empower the spirit . So , for example , every day , I am doing something physically active . Walking , running , boxing , at the gym , etc . I also make sure I am reading books , posts , or articles throughout the day that are enhancing my mind and causing me to maintain my billionaire mindset . Lastly , I do things throughout the day that empower my spirit . Listening to Christian music , reading the Bible , and watching inspirational videos are a few examples . I am a firm believer that the 3 things that make us who we are include ; Body , Mind , and Spirit . Therefore , it is imperative that I incorporate these things into my daily routine in order to maintain my billionaire mindset .
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? My current endeavors include enlarging my reach outside of the State of Florida . In order to achieve my goals , I have to expand myself nationally . Currently , I deal with clients in multiple states , but
I need to increase my reach . So I am doing this by expanding my marketing strategy . Stretching out to national radio and podcast media as well as my social media presence . But the biggest way I am increasing my reach is through word of mouth . When I provide a quality service , people will tell other people . My future business goal is to expand into the investment side of finance . I currently give investment advice , but I am working on the licenses needed to invest money for clients . As far as personal plans go , I definitely want to get married and start a family in the near future .
What is your definition of a Man with a Billionaire Mindset ? I define a billionaire mindset as a progressive mindset . Always ahead and thinks towards the future . How do I get better ? How do I expand my marketing tactics ? How do I learn more about the industry that I work in ? How do I gain more quality clientele ? These are progressive questions that you have to ask yourself to help you stay ahead of the curve . Elon Musk , Jeff Bezos , and Warren Buffett do not continue to increase their net worth year over year by staying stagnant and holding on to the old business methods . Instead , they progress with the times , update their strategy , hire new and fresh talent , and invest in new infrastructure . People with that progressive and forward-thinking mindset will never be broke .
How do you handle unexpected obstacles ? I handle unexpected obstacles first by staying calm . Many bad decisions are made due to people being anxious and nervous and responding out of emotion . After staying calm , I pray for peace , guidance , and a clear understanding . Then depending on the obstacle , I might ask for advice from one of my mentors or business leaders that I know and trust . Then I come up with a decisive plan to tackle the obstacle . I do not procrastinate and pretend it will fix itself . A person with a billionaire mindset does not run away from obstacles . They tackle them head-on . n
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