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United States Air Force Veteran , Rob Malloy , uses the knowledge gained from his military career in creating his first company , Keeping Veterans Fit ( KVF ), a charitable 501c3 organization committed to assisting veterans as they return to civilian life . Rob has been a Fitness Coach for over 8 years , helping his clients become healthier versions of themselves .
He is a self-proclaimed Relationship Realist , creating a safe space to exchange engaging dialogue involving romance and love while promoting open communication . Robert is also the author of the Uncomfortable Conversations book series , host of What Men Really Want , and the executive producer of What Women Really Need .
Rob knows the power of building brands . The experience helped him develop and grow both his brands and increase the value of his brand partners as he quickly became an influential professional . He is the CEO of GiGi Afterdark Enterprises and a sought-after public speaker . In addition , Rob Malloy serves as the Athletic Director for Special Athletes of Metropolitan Atlanta - an organization that provides athletic opportunities for those with cognitive disabilities .
A proud father and grandfather , Rob relishes the time that he can spend with his family .
What is your daily routine in maintaining a Billionaire mindset ? The main factor is being intentional with ALL You Do ! An early start allows me to take advantage of every moment . Meditation permits getting focused and channeling my energy and positive thoughts . Feeding my spirit and body with healthy thoughts and nutrients is paramount because a healthy mind leads to a healthy body . Having a calendar is critical for me . It gives the directions and discipline to ensure goals are met DAILY . Leadership comes from not only being an example but also ensuring that things are accomplished . Finally , rewarding myself is Self Care . Without knowing there is a reward , it is a challenge to incentivize others , so it is a must to create balance . Reboot !
What are your current endeavors and future business and personal plans ? Currently , I work with Veterans and Veterans ’ family members transitioning to civilian life through mental and physical health using support groups and fashion . I recently launched a series titled “ Brims & Stilettos / Adult Conversation ”, which talks about bridging the dialogue gap between men and women . In addition , a mentorship program is in the works for young men and women to empower themselves and understand Self Value . A new book is also coming soon . n
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