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Jennifer Yon

COURTESY OF JENNIFER YON AGENCY ennifer Yon is a Success Strategist , award-winning businesswoman and entrepreneur . She is the CEO and founder of Jennifer Yon Agency , a boutique Public Relations Firm and Founder / Publisher of IBA Success Magazine , a multilevel lifestyle marketing campaign . Jennifer has a strong reputation for turning passions into profits , her focus is concentrating on enhancing the public presence to create growth opportunities while managing , growing & guiding her clients ’ target audience .
For over 12 years Jennifer has been providing customized services in development , marketing & management , filling in the missing pieces for entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations she uses her knowledge and resources to assist in creating a solid foundation and result driven plans to her targeted clientele . Jennifer is respected within communities , entrepreneur , political and corporate industries globally . She is a trusted business & nonprofit expert who continues to enjoy being a resource to all who seek her services and wisdom ; Her motto , “ Turn your passion into profit ,” and “ Let ’ s Climb Together .” is the golden phrase that guides her work .
What would you define as a Woman Warrior ? A woman warrior to me is a woman that is confident within herself , loves the skin she is in but continues to seek advancement personally and professionally . A woman warrior does not take “ No ” for an answer , does not focus on the problem but instead , seeks the solution .
What obstacles did you overcome to get to where you are today ? The main obstacle that I overcame is understanding that it is ok to put myself first . Through self development I learned that in order to become a successful person you must acknowledge and prioritize all aspects of your life .
What inspired you to become the woman that you are today ? Setting up an example for my Daughter and Granddaughter has been my daily motivation . I have been extremely blessed to have an amazing Mother that has taught me many life lessons on a personal and professional level .
What are your current endeavors and future goals ? I just launched a nonprofit organization called Young Success , which focuses on helping youths to identify their potential and execute their entrepreneurial goals . Some of my future goals include expanding my nonprofit and business more nationality with the goal of promoting , empowering & educating Youths and Entrepreneurs worldwide .
What word of advice would you like to share ? Don ’ t be afraid to delegate . Always remember that growth only develops when you build a team that is passionate and believes in your goals . Forever be a student and be open to learn . something new everyday . n
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