Volume 68, Issue 2 Louisville Medicine | Page 6

2020 RICHARD SPEAR, MD, MEMORIAL ESSAY CONTEST Each year, GLMS invites physicians, residents and students to take part in the Richard Spear, MD, Memorial Essay Contest. For the first time, this year we hosted a photo essay contest, asking members to submit a photo and short essay regarding “Empowering Physicians to Inspire.” We received several heartfelt entries detailing various sources of inspiration such as familial influences, the passion to learn, and the magic of seeing a transplant for the very first time. We hope you enjoy the two winning essays which were judged anonymously. PRACTICING & LIFE MEMBER CATEGORY WINNER EMPOWERING PHYSICIANS TO INSPIRE David Dageforde, MD Dr. Dageforde is the only two-time winner of the Richard Spear, MD, Memorial Essay Contest. to Sanitas Healthcare, Doctor. As the center’s CMO, I wanted to stop by and discuss your orientation experience. But first, can you tell “Welcome about the picture behind your desk?” “Taken while hiking, this picture reveals both the magnitude of the world and the smallness of one individual. This picture serves as a constant reminder that my practice must be more than relative value units and patient numbers; my practice has to embrace hope, truth, friendship and love, all of which are part of caring for patients and oneself.” “How did your orientation experience support your practice goals?” “During the observation session, I noticed pedestrians continuously passing three people standing on a street corner, apparently unwilling to cross the street. Frustrated no one would help them, I exited the room, approached the individuals, and discovered the mother was blind and her two children were frightened to cross the intersection. People from all backgrounds of life are our neighbors, and we should care for them unconditionally. Take time to see.” “And from the interactive program focusing on work motivation?” “I found it interesting that the program generated a weak smiley face for income amounts and fancy vacations. Volunteering and mentoring generated a complete and satisfying smile. Research has documented people who view work as a calling are far more satisfied and enjoy work more than those who work just for money.” “Doctor, you are on your way to fulfilling your practice goals. We here at Sanitas Healthcare support you in your goals. You may join evidence-based committees on quality, as well as some volunteer teaching clinics with students. Any time you spend outside direct patient care fulfilling these goals will be monetarily compensated and time allowed from your work schedule to engage in these activities. Welcome to Sanitas Healthcare. Dr. Dageforde is a retired interventional cardiologist and now serves as Board Chair for the Shawnee Christian Healthcare Center. 4 LOUISVILLE MEDICINE