Volume 2 | Page 22

BEING A WOMAN -Nidhi Karingula I yearn to tell you a story of this world so wretched, Of these scars you see and others deeply etched. My empty soul is painfully perishing, As I am imprisoned in my own being. Listen. I was starved for my brethren’s hunger, And worked with a whip to my skin, I was left to decipher words with wonder, Education was a privilege only to male kin. I was given hope of a new home and another life, This is your love and future, I was told. You will be their daughter and his lovely wife, I believed the lie as I was treacherously sold. “Dowry!” they screamed with ruthless mirth, I had not brought riches along with me here. I was burnt on a blazing pyre for my worth, As I screamed silently to a deaf ear. I was bought, I was sold, I was beaten and left. Yet, I do not fear for my own life you see, I have another in my womb waiting bereft, For what this world will also leave it to be. I sit alone in this cell, whispering to her, “This is what you will see if you come”. Shall I commit a sin of killing another? Or will she tell her own story, as a victim? Listen.