Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
9 | P a g e
That heals wounds in the souls Aiding me to stay calm .
But are you the very person I have known ? Or are you a changed man now ? It seems , you are consoling me For your own benefit – To satisfy the old man in you .
Yes , I mourn my man – My super star , Who ’ s hemmed and hawed by a python , A poisonous creature .
Not only am I grieved for his death But also scared of the gods – Seeing that they are responsible For the death of my star .
How could he be slammed and slayed by such A mere creature When as powerful as a hero he was ?
Since his death is unlikely , He deserves my grief in a most unusual manner , Which all the consoling cannot afford to quench .
Cry for Him No More ( Spoken by the Widower )