Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
47 | P a g e
Walk naked before the gods , With your breasts dangling , For today may be your last As death has all your answers .
A Victim of Evil Custom ( Spoken by an Old Man )
Hold your peace , Cease your acts , And put your swords back in their sheaths . Fate will settle all our differences .
I see a mark , A birth mark As I behold this lady ’ s cleavage . My soul is saddened , torn violently from my body For I have been a victim of an unredeemed religion , But ... But ... But ... Something must be done before it is too late For we create our own customs and We have the freedom to amend them . This lady is my daughter , born by my twelfth wife , Who ran away with her after circumcision Many years ago .
I named her ODINMA – It is Well And today all that is not well in her life Must begin to work out well . And in our land ,