Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
I know that both the living and dead are conspiring Against me To spew me out , But the unseen I ’ ve discovered Is merciful and gracious . He whispers to me Saying , “ My daughter come to me You who are heavy laden For I will give you rest .”
Now my trust and my allegiance is with him For he is proven to be Lord of my soul .
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Like A Rotten Garbage ( Spoken by the Custodians )
You are lying there , wasting Like rotting garbage . You are to report to the king and princes In the palace . There priests will examine you And if you prove to be a deceiver , A violator of our custom , Death will be your destination .
Through you , shame is written across our land , Women rise up against our norms Sad omens happen .
Now you are to lead us in a shameful display Of your wretched body .