Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
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Don ' t worry , it may be that years ago , Enemies tried to frustrate you , Cast you away , Believe this , God has untied you the curses That have shattered your life . Rise up for the men are coming To arrest you and to kill you . Don ’ t fear For God is to give you a hope For he ' s a voice to the voiceless Who ' ll stand for you against all odds .
Abortion is Violence ( Spoken by the Widow )
Abortion is violence To the divine And to the unborn . Did I impregnate myself Or was it the custodians Of our culture ?
If I ’ m dry and not pleasing to men Is it not my own concern ? And therefore no-one ’ s business . I no longer live to please some nincompoop For sorrow has brought her lesson And taught me one not to be forgotten . Who can be sick at heart without being tabid ? Who can suffer this injustice without wasting away ?