Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
You have used the undiluted divine message To divine my soul for rapture . I can now place my hope in Him Who has not abandoned Even when friends and family Turned against me He stood by me , Raised me from the dust of desolation . Now my soul is delighted for Finding out her maker Who ’ s truly a divine .
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*** Like a Flock of Sparrows ( Spoken by a Rev . Minister )
A flock of Sparrows are species of birds , The least among God ' s creatures . Such birds are not valued by men , And the price of them is as cheap as nothing . One penny which is equivalent of one naira is The price of two sparrows . Despite that no one values sparrows , God still watches them , no one of them will fall To the ground without God knowing it . No challenge of life that will frustrate you Without God being aware of it . People may not value you , but you are more Valuable than a flock of sparrows . I pray , this year heaven and earth Will value you .