Voice to the Voiceless Fortune Nwaiwu
40 | P a g e
Do I live to lay in the bottom bay .
Do you know that your land has been taken away ? Your inheritance slips out from the tip of my finger As I ’ ve been pressurised to succumb To the guiding norms For they say , a widow owns nothing And inherits no property . Why do we have no right To right the wrongs ? *** My Superstar ( Spoken by the Widow )
My superstar , While alive , you used to say The dead have some influence over The affairs of the living But the story is like a tale !
Do I see you Or feel your presence ? Not even in the dream do I see you Whisper some comforting words To my aching ears . Or will you speak When I breathe to live no more ?
*** Above all Powers ( Spoken by the Widow )