Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
Without drawing back ? Your skin , once honoured and cherished , A skin once desired by princes , Is now drying away , down to the marrow .
*** Widowhood is Worse than a Corona Virus ( Spoken by the Widow )
30 | P a g e
Ah , I have been locked up Like in the days of total lockdown For the serious pandemic . My widowhood experience Is like Corona virus ; More dangerous than it .
This experience , like a virus , Seems to have no vaccine . As it comes so will it remain Affecting the nervous system , The emotional , mental , and physical well-being Of a widow .
Affected by the virus , You remain isolated like a leper Cast to the base of dejection Like a COVID-19 patient .
But does anyone maltreat a COVID-19 patient ? Does one rape a COVID-19 patient ? Do they ask to drink the remains of water